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Lulu Cutters

Semi Oval Clay Cutter

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*Arch cutter only, stamps sold separately*

Our cutters are made out of PLA and all have a 0.3mm cutting edge for a sharp and clean cut.

Please be gentle when using your cutters. They are made from PLA filament which is durable but can be scuffed up if mistreated. It is normal to find imperfections in your cutter while it is 3D printed, but it will not effect the quality of the cutter.
Wash with warm water & soap as desired, but do not put in the dishwasher. These are not dishwasher safe.

Gently press into clay, slightly wiggle the cutter and lift to remove. Edges can be smoothed with your fingertips or sanded after baking. I recommend sanding for the cleanest finish. Corn starch is a great way to help from clay sticking to your cutter, especially a cutter with small details. Working on a glass sheet or tile is recommended to keep the clay from sticking to your cutter, also.

If you have any questions about sizing or how to use your cutter please contact me!